Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the photos on your site really you?

A: Yes! All the photos on this website are a accurate depiction of me. My latest professional shoot was in December 2017. I also included recent selfies, candids and my adventures in the Social section of my site so you can get to know me better. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram where I casually post.

Q: How will you dress for our time together?

A: I enjoy taking time to prepare for our date. I'm prefer a natural approach, wearing very minimal make up. For a daytime date envision me in a pretty silk blouse and pencil skirt or a nice day dress, gracefully accentuating my delicate curves (and deliciously daring lingerie underneath...). For a nighttime engagement or drinks I'll be dressed in a lovely cocktail dress, coat and heels. Confident and poised, I turn heads for all the right reasons while maintaining a classy presence. If you'd like me in more discreet attire, I look equally as good in jeans and a nice top. I am open to wardrobe requests, I'd like to dress for the occasion whether its a night on the town, gala or a sports game. 

Q: Why can't I find your reviews? 

A: I value the time we spend together and consider it a private affair. I maintain a no review policy but welcome non-explicit testimonials if you feel inclined to do so. Clients wishing to spend time with me are looking for a unique, bespoke experience; one thats fine tailored to their specific needs rather than a score board or list of explicit abbreviations and acts. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram. I also blog in my Notebook from time to time where you can find my entry about reviews !

Q: Do you offer incall ?

A: Yes I do. In the East Bay I maintain a welcoming private incall in Emeryville and in San Francisco/Greater Bay Area I can always host out of a discreet, upscale hotel.

Q: Are you available now? 

A: Probably not.. Proper screening and accommodations take some time to complete, new friends please give a 12-48 hour advance notice to avoid disappointment.. For a greater chance of securing a last minute date with me please include all screening and date preference information upfront! 

Q: Why haven't I heard back from you? Did you get my email?

A: I am very selective with whom I spend time with and I prioritize responding to emails that are well thought out, concise and containing the screening information I have requested. If your email contains rude, lewd, suggestive or time waisting content you will not receive a response. If you've followed the right steps and haven't heard back from me, send a follow up email!