Reviews.. Discretion.. The slippery slope!

As I type this blog entry I'm feeling incredibly liberated, ambitious and empowered. From the beginning of my time in this industry, I was told from multiple sources I needed reviews to thrive and to be honest I caved for 7 months. I gave into the review board culture in May 2017 and accumulated 8 reviews before having my lawyer reach out to The Erotic Review team to delist my profile. It took a total of 15 minutes and poof,  GONE! At that very moment, it felt as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders and I could proceed in this hobby without fearing client or fellow provider retaliation and abuse. I had previously heard horror stories of providers and clients misusing The Erotic Review as leverage or worse but I never thought it would happen to me, until it did. I felt powerless, and to know that The Erotic Review refused to take down the review after insufficient evidence of a date taking place and significant time passing I had to take action. I delisted to take back control of my body, my business, my boundaries and mine and my clients privacy. I feel good knowing a history of 'said' explicit acts are no longer attached to Eden Rae and I value this space I'm in now that I have it back!

A good amount of my clients either saw me on The Erotic Review ad's or when researching me from other referrals relied on reviews for more information and my credibility, which is understandable. The Erotic Review has been a tool for prospective clients and hobbyist for a long, long time but its own credibility, validity and relevancy is dying. Many reviews are fictitious, exaggerated, largely based on preferences and could never truly depict what its like to be with me and have that experience. Not to add, the toxicity on the boards and the gross coercive rating system. Even if you try to be above it all its hard to ignore and support a website thats constantly down putting providers and a support team thats in fact not supportive at all. Looking back now I could have built that same amazing industry credibility through other non-invasive channels like Twitter and a strong website presence where my actual personality could shine through. But I have no regrets going forward, I met really amazing clients who've found me from The Erotic Review or did some research there and I am thankful for the healthy client relationships I have developed. 

I prefer getting to know clients who're interested in the experience, getting to know me and chemistry, not a checklist of acts or scoring me like a grade of meat! Moving forward I have opted against explicit reviews and I welcome testimonials from any clients I've seen. I will also welcome feedback,  I'm not perfect and if theres any way that I can better accommodate you or be a better companion within my boundaries please let me know, my door is always open. Delisting from The Erotic Review has nothing at all to do with me hiding, concealing or fabricating anything in any way. I have NEVER and WILL NEVER mistreat my clients, I hold you in the highest regards as far as respect and I expect the same. I will continue to be a FAIR and favored companion, I welcome you on this journey with me. 


Eden Rae

PS: I delisted from The Erotic Review with a overall rating of 9.24! Thank you to the amazing friends, colleagues and clients who reinforced that I didn't need The Erotic Review, thank you for your support and well wishes through this process. If you're reading this and pondering on seeing me follow me on Twitter to get to know me better, I promise you won't regret it!