I'm Me

I'm Me..

A phenomenal lady, a courtesan and most important of all,  a human. 

A human who wants to be valued and accepted equally.. 

A human who yearns for respect and understanding.. 

A human who doesn't want handouts or an easy route. I am capable of achieving greatness. 

A human who is flawed. I am not perfect, I am a constant work in progress. 

A human who is strong, perseverant and confident. 

A human finding her way in the world. 

A human who wants love



  1. I am not a color. 
  2. I am not a object or a toy.
  3. I am not some box on a checklist or item on a menu. 
  4. I am not a host for hate, negativity, shame or guilt. 
  5. I am not invisible. 
  1. I'm loving, accepting, kind. 
  2. I'm passionate and sensual. 
  3. I'm funny with a side of sass!
  4. I'm who I'm meant to be. 
  5. I'm beautiful, inside and out.