20 Random Facts!

Eden Rae

I always see different variations of this game on Twitter and thought I'd join the fun! 

  1. I'm a total foodie! I dedicate some days to food adventures alone.. I've waited in 45 minute lines for cakes and croissants and eaten some of the best cuisine at various restaurants. Social media (Instagram in particular) has opened my eyes to diverse food scenes around the world that I'm eager to explore! I even try out different recipes at home from time to time, always keeping it new and fresh.
  2. I love to DJ and make playlists as a hobby.. My dream day would be DJ'ing on Nikki Beach in Saint Tropez or Dubai! I think I'd reach a pinnacle of happiness at that point. 
  3. I got a go kart one christmas and rode it the next day without a helmet and crashed (mum told me not to ride it w/o the helmet... LOL) It was totaled too.. so sad!
  4. I have a itch for traveling and I can't wait to fill up my passport with stamps! From diving in Ecuador to safari trips in Africa, I want to see it all! 
  5. I really dislike red enchilada sauce.. it's just unpleasant!
  6. My favorite libations are pineapple juice, champagne (particularly vintage), and water of course! Can never go wrong with water :D
  7. I'm not much of a partier or clubber.. I enjoy lounges and more relaxed environments. 
  8. I go days at a time disconnecting completely from all technology. Its essential! So much of our society is dependent on phones and I feel we truly miss what it's like to be PRESENT and in the moment. I see so many people on phones at restaurants instead of actually talking to each other and it's sad.. We are slowly losing the art of conversation and I don't want to settle for that. 
  9. I developed a love for fishing at a really young age. It taught me lessons about patience, creativity and preparation. 
  10. I played a lot of sports as a kid! My main sports were track & field, softball and basketball.. (basketball was an EPIC fail) 
  11. I'm not the best dancer.. ;P 
  12. If I could ever pick what time period I could live in, I'd pick the 1970's progressive era! The movements and motivation behind them were revolutionary. Lets not forget the fashion and unforgettable music made!!!
  13. A lot of people ask me about my accent.. I don't have one! LOL
  14. I hardly ever wear earrings. I find them uncomfortable and I fiddle with them!
  15. I prefer tea over coffee! I love afternoon tea with yummy scones, clotted cream, finger sandwiches and small bites. 
  16. My favorite color is forest green!
  17. I absolutely LOVE farmers markets. Not only do I get to support local farms but I get fresh seasonal produce at its best. 
  18. I believe in the law of attraction, positivity and manifestation! These are fundamental parts of my everyday life. 
  19. I love a good horror movie.. one that makes you jump out of your seat!
  20. I can play the violin.